Nourish Your Soul Retreat

A Mind, Body, Spirit Sojourn into Feeding The Body Temple.
Join us for this 8 day, 7 night immersion into emotional, mental, physical and spiritual (EMPS) wellness where we nourish your soul on all levels. How you feed your mind and thoughts, your soul and of course, your body are artfully explored throughout the week at the beautiful Okreblue Eco Yoga Retreat Center and additional excursions to awaken your senses.

Femininity in Flow

A transformative retreat experience exclusively crafted for women by women, nestled in the serene and secluded corners of our wonderful host location. This is not just a retreat, but a sanctuary where femininity is embraced, celebrated, and rejuvenated.

Greece Handstand Retreat

The intensive training is open to all levels, from complete beginners to professional handbalancers. The handstand methodology taught at the handstand intensive will be a combination of two different techniques, chinese and ukrainian hand balancing techniques.

Summer Yoga Retreat

Practice as the anchor of our lives: a deep dive into the practices of asana, pranayama & chanting.
An Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Retreat with a deep dive in philosophy, chanting and pranayama.

Align and Refine Yoga Retreat with Jesira Jorn

8- Day Retreat with optional 30hr YA Continuing Education* on Alignment and Anatomy in Yoga.

Surrounded by water and a short drive away from the beautiful town Náoussa, this Retreat is a perfect opportunity to combine rest, exploration and education. A platform to transform and build a solid foundation for your practice and/or teachings.

Divine Within Retreat

We start the day with a long and slow morning practice of meditation, breath and movement. Afterwards you are going to be treated with a healthy and vitalising brunch. The time in between morning and the second session you can use to relax, discover the island or enjoy a dip into the ocean.

Glorious Greece: A Yoga + Wellness Adventure in Paros

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Paros, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Picture yourself awakening to the soothing sounds of the waves, and feeling the sea breeze on your skin. This is the perfect backdrop for your week of adventure and self-discovery.

Mythic Beings Yoga Retreat

Inside each of us lives a mythic being waiting to be brought to light. Are you ready to give yourself permission to be real, daring, eternal, and far more joyful than you ever imagined possible? Join Carlie Chislof and Antonia Callas for seven days of magic, fun and wellness in magical Athens and the enchanting island of Paros.

Garage to Greece: A Soul Tune Up With Cierra Burton, Melissa Talleda, & Asher Waldron

Join Zen Yoga Garage on their soulful retreat from the city to the cyclades.
7 Days  at Okreblue Seaside Yoga retreat center in Paros, Greece. “Body & Mind Awakening” retreat

MYND Retreats! Experience a transformative MYND Retreat.
Listen to your mind, understand your thoughts, accept your existence and take care of yourself with love and Mindfulness. We undertake the organization of the Retreat, with Mindful tools and techniques.
We believe in a holistic approach to personal development. We offer these services to help you live in harmony and care for you and your everyday life.
Live, Work, Think, in a MYNDful way.