Greece Grow Retreat

My intention for the retreat is clear: to guide you through practices that will deeply nourish your body,…

The Elements | Connections

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space. These five elements exist within each of us and connect us to the natural world. Find harmony within and with-out on retreat inspired by the raw and untouched natural beauty of Paros, Greece. 

LYT Method Longevity Retreat

Treat yourself to a week that will energize and nourish your body and spirit! Join physical therapists & LYT leaders, Lara Heimann and Kristin Williams, who will guide you through movement and harmonizing practices that include our signature LYT flows coupled with myofascial and mobility/stretching sessions to support your quest for longevity in the body, brain, and spirit.

Sacred Nectar: Harmonizing Sensuality & Feminine Wisdom Womens Retreat

As women, sensuality is innate to our nature. We are intrinsically woven with the body of the earth through our inner tides, natural cycles and our ability to create life. Our desires are sacred. Sensuality is anything and everything that makes us feel good.

Embody the Flow Retreat

A week to submerge into the landscape of embodying the doorways to flow.
In positive psychology, a flow state is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Return to Roots

A 6 day / 5 night retreat where we create space to explore our roots of Love and Nature. Returning to our roots is not about visiting ancient land, but about finding a sense of home inside our bodies.


Découvrez des pratiques sur les archétypes des déesses grecques afin de comprendre les différentes facettes de votre personnalité.

Paros Island Retreat

Join us for a transformative journey where self-care meets the beauty of Paros Island. Your experience with us will be a beacon of serenity, leaving you with lasting memories and a radiant outlook on life. Self-care has never felt so good!

Body Mind Flow Retreat

Un viaggio di sette giorni alla scoperta di te stesso.
Un’occasione unica per approfondire la tua pratica e per ricaricarti. Per sintonizzare il tuo corpo/mente con i ritmi della natura, nella sua bellezza e nel suo silenzio, approfittando della primavera, dei suoi colori e della sua energia che ci ispira a rifiorire.

Samadhi by the Sea

Recalibrate your being and raise your vibration on this immersive week-long retreat by the sea, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of Paros, Greece. This holistic journey is for those who crave to embody radiant vitality, ignite their soul and deepen their yoga practice.