- 08/06/2024

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Paros, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Picture yourself awakening to the soothing sounds of the waves, and feeling the sea breeze on your skin. This is the perfect backdrop for your week of adventure and self-discovery.


- 01/06/2024

We start the day with a long and slow morning practice of meditation, breath and movement. Afterwards you are going to be treated with a healthy and vitalising brunch. The time in between morning and the second session you can use to relax, discover the island or enjoy a dip into the ocean.


- 17/05/2024

SOLD OUT! - Join Alessandro Gozzi and Sasha Constance for 6 magical nights away at the beautiful Okreblue resort in Paros Greece. Situated on the beach, it is a perfect location for your holiday in this beautiful sustainable yoga resort.


- 11/05/2024

This retreat was created with you in mind. We have chosen a special retreat place, Okreblue Eco Yoga Retreat. Okreblue sits on the relatively untouched seaside of Santa Maria on the tranquil peninsula ,Paros Island, Greece. The surrounding Elements, especially the Earth and Water, are the soul of Okreblue.


- 04/05/2024

Un viaggio di sette giorni alla scoperta di te stesso. Un’occasione unica per approfondire la tua pratica e per ricaricarti. Per sintonizzare il tuo corpo/mente con i ritmi della natura, nella sua bellezza e nel suo silenzio, approfittando della primavera, dei suoi colori e della sua energia che ci ispira a rifiorire.


- 08/11/2023

Join Zen Yoga Garage on their soulful retreat from the city to the cyclades. 7 Days  at Okreblue Seaside Yoga retreat center in Paros, Greece.


- 28/10/2023

Join me on this wonderful island, in the north of Paros at NAOUSA (approx. 30 min from airport).


- 15/10/2023

Here at North Fork Yoga Shala, in Greenport, we are really proud of our expanding offering of several retreats both near and far as well as the variety of workshops and trainings that we hold both with our own instructors and talented guest instructors and facilitators.


- 10/10/2023

Inside each of us lives a mythic being waiting to be brought to light. Are you ready to give yourself permission to be real, daring, eternal, and far more joyful than you ever imagined possible? Join Carlie Chislof and Antonia Callas for seven days of magic, fun and wellness in magical Athens and the enchanting island of Paros.