Drop in and experience the magic of okreblue

You don’t need to stay at Okreblue to enjoy a taste of the Okreblue experience.

You are welcome to drop-in for a group Yoga session or private Yoga class, Holistic Coaching session, or a massage treatment with one of our qualified resident practitioners.

Our mission at Okreblue is to facilitate an experience of relaxation, a deepening of the mind-body-soul connection, an opportunity for you to connect with inner-being. Whatever experience you choose, we hope that you walk-out of Okreblue feeling light, rejuvenated and connected.


Drop in and experience the magic of okreblue

November 2021












10:00 – 11:15

Aerial Yoga
All Levels
with Vanessa




To book your spot please contact us at reservations@okreblue.com or text us at WhatsApp or Viber at +30 698 101 4300

Yoga Classes

Choose the class, book your spot, and drop-in. We look forward to meeting you on the mat.

Stay for a retreat or drop in for a class or more!

With spacious indoor-outdoor stunning and world-class yoga shalas, quality yoga props and professional yoga guidance, book your spot and come just for the practice, or even stay for brunch/dinner after yoga.

  • Hatha Yoga in Alignment
    This class focuses on a deeper understanding of the Alignment principles of Anusara yoga. We will be exploring body postures, transitions and stillness. The class is suitable for beginners in the yoga practice, for people that are new to the practice of Anusara Yoga and for those who already have some experience and want to deepen their knowledge with a beginner’s mind.
  • Ayurvedic Yoga
    Ayurveda literally means “science of life” and it’s considered as the sister science of Yoga. It is an ancient practice that helps to keep your body-mind balanced and healthy. Ayurvedic yoga class focuses on balancing the elements, following the cycles of nature. Whether you are a vata, pitta or kapha dosha, this class will give you tips and important information for you to improve your health and balance. Suitable for all levels.
  • Yin Yoga and Pranayama
    This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release tensions from the body and mind. We use props to support the postures, gently stretching and releasing tension and stored stress from everyday life. Asanas will be held for longer time than we usually do in any other classes. Students of all levels and practices are welcome in this class. Yin Yoga will give you exactly what you need to finish your day with calmness and prepare you for a resting night.
  • Align & Flow Level 2
    This thematic class is based on the Anusara Principles of Alignment and is a combination of flowing mindfully and holding poses in order to have a deeper understanding of yoga as well as your body, mind & spirit. Each class is an overall practice with special focus on a specific body part, connecting the physical practice with the philosophical aspect of Yoga. The creative interweaving of applied philosophy in every movement will give you perspective and space to start the day. Previous experience is required to attend this class. If you haven’t practiced yoga at all before we recommend you to try “Hatha Yoga” for a few classes and then attend the “Align & Flow” class.
  • Aerial Yoga
    Gravity affects our bodies and muscles passively without even realizing it is occurring. In aerial, we take the weight off of our feet and are supported by the silks, allowing for joint relief, reversed blood flow, and lymphatic drainage. We use our core strength to balance and stabilize during this practice. Much like traditional yoga, aerial yoga relieves stress and allows us to focus inward. In Aerial Yoga we become aware as our bodies slowly open and stretch. The muscles rejuvenate, and the joints become stronger. Aerial Yoga is practiced with the use of silk hammocks that are used as props and support to increase strength and develop flexibility in the joints. Students of all levels and practices are welcome in this class.
  • Yoga & TCM
    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are energetic lines (called meridians) running along our body and moving the QI (Vital Energy). Each meridian represents a single organ and connects the internal (organ) to the external (exterior tissues). In this class we combine the principles of TCM to our yoga practice stimulating and bringing awareness the meridian lines through chosen Asanas, aiming to avoid stagnation of the QI. This creates an opportunity to observe aspects of your body on a deeper level aiming you to move towards balance.

NLP & Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching is an integrative practice that considers the mind, body and spirit as one. Contact us to find out more about how this works and together we can figure out if it’s the right practice for you.

If you want to work on healing one of the three you must also work on the other two. It focuses on the bigger picture on a persons’ life and works on every area of self improvement. As everything rests in the web of interconnectedness, every action and every decision we make has an effect on every area of our lives.

The holistic style of coaching focuses on more than the one specific desired outcome. Even if there is one main issue that you want to work on, we will approach it by investigating every other aspect of your life that can also be affecting it or is connected to it in some way. To create lasting results we will focus both on maintaining a healthy mind set, physical health and create the sense of fulfillment and well-being in your life.

Through a level of commitment towards change and transformation you will be provided by the support and encouragement you need towards achieving your goals and maintaining an overall well-being. In order to achieve healing from the inside out, in our time together we will use Self Empowerment Techniques (NLP oriented*), Ayurveda Principals as well as Yoga and Meditation guidelines.

We can either meet in person on Paros island at Okreblue Yoga Retreat Center or meet and work online.

Personal Yoga

Deepen your practice with personal Yoga sessions under the experienced guidance of Sasy, or one of her hand-selected team of experienced Yoga teachers.

Personal Yoga sessions are individualized to meet your goals. Your experienced facilitator / teacher will take time with you to understand your intentions for the practice and design your session specifically to help you realize your goals and fine tune your practice.

Sasy personal yoga session is an investment to your wellbeing, healing and transformation. Sasy’s 12-year experience in teaching different methods of yoga, has lead her to teach from the heart, adjusting her teaching according to every individual’s needs. Together with Sasy you will explore the best method for you to grow in your full potential, get inspired to transform and learn new ways to navigate everyday life and practice, to live in optimal health and happiness. Her method derives from a combination of Anusara yoga method of alignment and philosophy, with Ayurveda and Yoga as therapy and NLP Life Coaching (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Personal Yoga is ideal for anyone seeking to:

  • deepen
    their body-awareness and Asana practice
  • explore
    the practice of meditation
  • gain
    understanding into the Philosophy of Yoga and how that can translate into everyday life

Contact info@okreblue.com for more information or to schedule your session

Massage Sessions

Book a massage for deep relaxation, to integrate body and mind and enhance total body awareness.

We offer a range of massage therapies at Okreblue, from Deep Tissue to Deep Relaxation. Our experienced practitioners understand that every body is unique and will intuitively adapt your treatment to meet your personal needs. Whether you are experiencing fatigue, tension, injury or stress, or just looking to zen-out, a massage treatment at Okreblue will relax, sooth and stimulate your body, mind and soul.

Treat yourself and book a treatment with one of our experienced therapists.

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