- 18/06/2023

Have you been home for a while, dreaming of getting away and doing something empowering and healthy for your well-being? Are you ready to travel again? Would you like to reconnect with yourself and a small group of like-minded people on an exotic Greek Island through yoga, meditation, breath work and shared experiences? Then join me on my Mediterranean Yoga Odyssey retreat on the island of Paros in June of 2023.


- 03/06/2023

7-day yoga holiday week organized and accompanied by yoga-to-go Valérie Lutz in cooperation with Okreblue eco yoga retreat


- 28/05/2023

MYND Retreats! Experience a transformative MYND Retreat. Listen to your mind, understand your thoughts, accept your existence and take care of yourself with love and Mindfulness. We undertake the organization of the Retreat, with Mindful tools and techniques. We believe in a holistic approach to personal development. We offer these services to help you live in harmony and care for you and your everyday life. Live, Work, Think, in a MYNDful way.


- 13/05/2023

The La Loba - Honor the wild - Retreat has been a successful safe space for women to come together into sacred sisterhood to connect with their sensual being through embodiment practices. Sofia and Carla created this container to enable women to connect back with their wild and untaimed feminine. Bringing La Loba for the first time to Greece, Sofia’s roots, to indulge in the many flavors of the land and the greek culture. 


- 07/05/2023

The secret power of the ancient woman. Together we shall explore the ancient moon way of living on our planet. This fascinating journey will empower you to achieve a life of harmony, balance, and fulfillment based on the secret knowledge of the ancient moon priestess dated back to 11,000 BC.


- 16/10/2022

Explore living into the Five Elements with Julie Dohrman and Peter Goodman on the enchantingly beautiful Grecian island of Paros for a 7 day all-levels yoga, meditation, and fully immersive experience!


- 01/10/2022

Join Tash Barnard, Dominique Vieira and Mareile Paley in a weeklong deep exploration of movement. Discover Pilates and Yoga as a tool to find peace and a deeper connection to yourself.


- 11/09/2022

6 days yoga and meditation retreat with Nicole & Kate
Traditional Practices for modern life with Jonas Westring & Sasy Chasomeri