Swami Sri Venudas

Swami Sri Venudas is a Yoga master and Carnatic singer.
He was born in Kerala, south India, where he was initiated to Yoga and singing by his grand father and Guru Sri Vasudeva Perumal (Yoga teacher, Vedanta philosopher, Ayurveda practitioner, poet and singer). In 1996 he came to Europe and settled in Paris where he now practices and teaches Yoga according to the Dharma (the order that makes life and universe possible and includes duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues and a ‘‘right way of living”).
Spiritual master, he passes on his knowledge based especially on the Vedantha, Bhagavad Geetha and Pathanjali Yoga Sutras.
Swami Sri Venudas teaches in a simple and sincere way, from master to disciple, according to the Guru-Kula and Guru Sishya Parambara system.
As a singer, Swami Sri Venudas has given concerts in India and Paris and has initiated many students. Swami Sri Venudas also travels across Europe where he spreads his teachings by giving workshops.