Ela Mare

Ela Mare is a spiritual master, who dedicates her life to share around the world the teachings of the Himalayan Yogic Tradition in a unique and powerful way.

For the last 10 years, she has been guiding hundreds of people, students, seekers and teachers from all corners of the world and walks of life, into exploring and awakening their potential to live at the fullest life of freedom and joy.

Her teachings come from the birthplace of Yoga, rooted in the Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the ancient Masters of the Himalayas, where she teaches regularly as part of the YTTs trainers team at the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, one of the most sacred towns in India.

Originally from Italy, she started to travel around the world at very young age and founded Yogamare Retreats to share her knowledge through international retreats, workshops, private sessions, and events.

Ela Mare teaches a wide range of techniques with a very holistic approach adapting these timeless practices to different needs, from empowering women’s retreats, to mindfulness for corporate, breath work for free divers, luxury transformational retreats into the wild nature of Africa, and much more.