Lisa Vortman

Lisa is a vivacious leader who advocates for giving time; to our Self, to others and to the Art of living. Lisa has worked over a decade as a professional Photographer alongside passionate individuals and brands to help amplify their authenticity by encouraging honest expression. One of Lisa’s greatest assets is her ability to shift perspectives and see the true beauty and potential in just about everyone and everything.

In 2014 Lisa discovered yoga as a vital practice for living creatively. As her own understanding of consciousness and wellbeing evolved, so did her vision for shared experiences. She received a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification and began leading local and international retreats facilitating opportunities for exploration so that others can give time to strengthening self-trust and connection to their own true nature, ultimately allowing them to experience a shift in perspective and think creatively on how to move forward in this life.

Lisa infuses the insights found from her own experiences and curiosities into all areas of her work and views much of life as an experimentation believing that we should always follow through on the things that set our soul on fire.