Katerina Fragkou

Katerina, a lifelong athlete and a native of Greece, brings with her over two decades of seasoned experience in the fitness and wellness community. Within the Bay Area, she’s been a pivotal figure, championing comprehensive wellness and fitness programs.

Her journey as an athlete has ingrained in her a discipline and dedication that shines through in her work. As a NASM certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Instructor, Katerina’s credentials are a testament to her depth of expertise. Further showcasing her entrepreneurial side, she is the proud founder of XPLOREFIT Retreats and Corporate Wellness.

With notable roles as a Corepower Lead 200h Yoga Training Facilitator and a lululemon Legacy Ambassador, she has solidified her standing in the industry. It’s no surprise that she often chooses Greece, her homeland, as the scenic backdrop for her retreats, where participants are submerged in immersive experiences centered around yoga and wellness.

Katerina is not only committed to coaching; she’s fueled by a burning desire to inspire individuals to live their best lives. By always approaching endeavors with genuine passion and commitment, she’s an inspiration, continually guiding others towards their peak potential in life and wellness.