Linda Nene & Zandra Lundberg

I have a mission during my time on this earth, to be of service for you who is seeking to live an awakened life. To be a source of inspiration for expansion of consciousness, awakening, clarity of vision, and liberation in human form on earth. I have a calling to share with you practices that will support you on your journey to Self.

On my own journey I have noticed the importance of having a daily practice – Sadhana. To find the tools that I can use in my own home and in everyday life to allow for the spiritual journey to be part of, present, and as important as the rest of the human endeavor. And from there wave together all the parts of human experience to one integrated, moment to moment, way of being. I’ve also noticed how important it is to sometimes drop in really, really deep – to swim in the ocean of being.

Through my various offerings I wish to make awakening wisdom, philosophy, and practices easy to use and available for you who is seeking the complete and embodied liberation, a life in Oneness.

Freedom Flow Joy Love – are the words that guide on my own Journey to Self again and again.