Helen found yoga in her early twenties as a necessity to escape the busy London life. Yoga was her hour or so a day of peace and clarity, her moving meditation.

Since Helen’s first teacher training, her practice has transcended beyond just the physical, for Helen yoga is a way of life. She is so passionate about sharing the transformative and healing aspects of this holistic practice.

Helen trained in Morocco with Yogahaven under Toni Roberts, Allie Hill and Stewart Heffernan. She then went on to do Rocket trainings with David Kyle in London and Barcelona, Mandala Vinyasa with Dulce Agular and Jamie Clarke of the Yoga People and Yin with Clare Gates-Sjöblom. Helen is a drama school graduate and worked as an actor for her early career. As well as the arts, she was in hospitality for many years, so community (and food) is always at the heart of her work. More recently she has been studying philosophy and psychotherapy. She is interested in how the embodied principles of yoga can aid with both physical and mental well being as well as trauma and anxiety.