Carla Kuhlmann & Sofia Tsakiridou

Carla Kuhlmann, based in Hamburg, is a certified vinyasa and hatha yoga, Psychedelic Breath and tantra teacher – deeply connected with nature and its healing roots. She feels the deep connection to work in and for sacred sisterhood using tools like yoga asana, breath, tantric practices and dance to connect deeper with our wild intuition and raw essence.

Sofia Tsakiridou is a certified 600 hrs yoga teacher, women circle facilitator and holistic health coach with the vision of guiding women back to connect with their body temples, the innate wisdom that resides within and the deep power of gathering in sacred sisterhood.

She believes in collaboration and the uplifting of each individual spirit and potential to create a spirited, free and bright community.

She loves to bridge the power of movement with the wisdom of the ancient science of TCM and empower others to truly live a balanced, vital life with an open mind, heart and body.