Cierra Burton

Cierra was born and raised in Chicago! Cierra’s background is in dance and she brings that knowledge of fluid movement and alignment into her classes through dynamic transitions and specific cues. She began her dedicated yoga practice in 2012 beginning with a Bikram challenge, learning she loved a heated practice but needed music and variety to drive her. When she ventured into a CPY HPF class she was hooked on yoga! Cierra completed her 200hr Yoga certification in 2014 and continued to become certified in Sculpt (Yoga with weights) and Hot sequences. Cierra continued her yoga education through Jason Crandell’s 300HR training in 2021 and Zen Yoga Garage’s Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training. She loves to bring powerful movements and soulful beats into her vinyasa classes and  intelligent flows and hip hop beats into her fitness classes. You can catch her on her mat at least 4 times a week and if she’s not there she’s moving her body somewhere! Her goal in teaching is to provide each student a platform to grow authentically in their practice both on and off the mat. Cierra has been a part of the Zen Management Team since 2020.