Yoga & NLP retreat with Sasy Chasomeri and Panos Barbarigos

Yoga & NLP retreat with Sasy Chasomeri and Panos Barbarigos

7 days of Yoga and NLP coaching. A gateway and a foundation in understanding all the layers of our life!

From the first breath we inhale during the very first second of our lives in this dimension, we are conditioned to believe that our existence is one-dimensional. “1+1 =2” seems logical, but in its logic lies its biggest flaw!

What if what we know as “logic” is just another means of programming?
What if our existence does not necessarily have to follow what we are conditioned to know as a “logical” path?
What will “really” happen if we embrace the various layers of Chaos and their gifts?
What if we could decide which level or layer of perception we would operate from and influence the real story of your existence?
What If we knew that we have a complex network of brains strategically placed around our bodies and it affects our decision making in ways we could never imagine?
What if we understood experientially that the body and the mind are connected and influence one another?
What if we found out two of the most potent methods of programming is physiology & language?

What if you knew how your Subconscious Brand works and what you Master Metaphor is?

People are cartographers & storytellers, and the human experience is nothing less than a subjective map with a sole purpose to help us navigate through life’s shallows and riffs and safely lead us to the direction of what we really desire to become. As the map is not the territory but only a drawing of it, maps should change when our needs change, as life unfolds its veils.
We gather a massive amount of information which we store and process in an invisible complex system of internal gears, filters, processes and a network of Brain structures, our “Subconscious Brand©” and manifest their outcome via the only measurable component of this system: The human Behavior!

As partly Storytellers, we use our behaviors to create stories in order to communicate and all these stories draw from our Master Metaphor which is the deep, primal and powerful story we all have within!

Tantrik philosophy offers the analytical tool of the three “malas,” or impurities, to help us cognitively unveil the obstacles to the experience of our infinite nature. These malas are likened veils obscuring the truth, veiling our true nature.
The three malas are: anava mala, mayiya mala and karma mala.
Do we accept the teaching that we are truly the Self of the Universe?

Do you believe deep down in your bones that you are eligible for Self Realization and Awakening?
This is a practice of the bold body language, of skill and freedom, as if we are accepting the mantle of our ultimate identity.

This 7-day Yoga & NLP Retreat is a gateway and a foundation in understanding all the layers of our life happens within and gain a certain level of control over them. You will understand the concept the Subconscious Brand and the Master Metaphor and replenish the connection between your body and your mind. Although the knowledge and methods presented and used come from diverse fields such as Neurosciences, Business, NLP, yoga, esoteric disciplines and ancient wisdom, the intention is to demystify a big part of the myths which surround them and bring down to the level of producing real world results!


7.00-9.30 Yoga and meditation
9.30 Brunch
Free time to enjoy the sun and the sea
17.30-19.30 Evening practice and NLP
19.30 Dinner


1080€ per person in double/twin shared room
1290€ in single room.

Cancellation policy: Deposits are non refundable but due to the uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, we can only offer the possibility of rescheduling the booking with us or convert the non-refundable deposit into a store credit for you in. No cash refunds will be issued.


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Panos Barbarigos – Sasy Chasomeri

Panos Barbarigos

I was given the name Panagiotis when I was born in Athens 44 revolutions of the earth around the Sun ago, but I identify myself as a native Parian, having strong roots in the island.
I am a Certified NLP Coach by INLPTA International, as well as, a certified NLP Master Practitioner, mBit Coach, MicroExpressions & Body Language Practitioner & I have extensively studied and use the Principles of Provocative Coaching in my life and my work. As an explorer at heart, my newly found passion is the field of psychic abilities which I am currently trained in and I am being prepared to become an NLP Trainer.
I come from a Business Environment, having served as a Marketing Director and a CEO for more than 2 decades and additionally I also hold a BEng Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and AI Systems. As it might be evident from my Story so far, I believe that all successful people (no matter how they define success), they believe in diversity, differentiation, exploration of life & synthesis, in order to achieve excellence!
I am the creator of the Subconscious Brand© & the Master Metaphor Method which synthesises the mindset of Neurolinguistic Programming with the diversity of the multiple Brains Integration Technique, focusing on creating truthful and trustworthy results in the real world!
I work with Greek & English-speaking teams and individuals on how to become Masters of their Subconscious Brand and use it to manifest their own version of success in all fields of life!
My Vision is to make people understand that they are “whole”, uncover their Subconscious Brand and unleash their Master Metaphors to the world, making it a better place to live in!

Sasy Chasomeri
A yoga teacher, a holistic coach, a dog lover, a nature lover and environmentalist, Living the Yoga and leading a conscious life on Paros Island.
Sasy has been experiencing the multiple benefits of yoga since 2006 and had the call to teach in 2010. She is a certified and registered yoga teacher E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, certified NLP Coach, Ayurveda Practitioner and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist.
Originally from Evia, Sasy studied English and was teaching it as a second language to children for many years. Her experience in working and teaching children offered her the ability and quality to teach from the heart with openness and compassion.
Sasy was always an active, sporty type of person, full of energy and constantly on the move. She found herself exploring different physical practices, such as aerobics and dancing. Her introduction to yoga came at a turning point in her life while she was experiencing great grief.
The soothing impact of yoga ignited her transforming process and inspired her to help people find their focus and stay grounded. It is through gratitude that she was able to tap into inner calm and self-acceptance, and now she encourages her students to do the same.
Currently, as one of the founders and director of Okreblue Retreat Center based on Paros, she leads the Spiral Yoga Project teaching workshops, trainings and retreats. Sasy is passionate about teaching yoga and supporting students in their quest to discover and live their full potential.
Sasy’s experience in teaching different methods of yoga, has led her to teach from the heart, adjusting her teachings according to every individual’s needs. Combining Anusara yoga method of alignment and Tantra philosophy with Ayurveda, Yoga as therapy and Unnata Aerial Yoga you will find yourself exploring what serves you best for your evolution as a human; body, mind and spirit.
She has studied next to many different amazingly gifted teachers such as Konstantinos Charantiniotis, Tara Judelle, Todd Tessen, Carlos Pomeda, Jonas Westring, and Vivi Letsou, just to name a few.
Her classes emphasize sound body alignment, based on the Alignment Principles of Anusara Yoga. The practice of Anusara Yoga is considered to be ‘heart-oriented’, meaning that it is expressed from the ‘inside out’. Artistically and mindfully, Sasy interweaves a heart theme and meaningful intention, to the physical practice as a way to expand and take your awareness beyond the mat and into everyday life. Each sequence is very carefully designed to meet her students’ needs for continuous growth and healing.
Sasy teaches from the heart and inspires people to live life to its fullest potential, cultivate their inner power, and unfold the strength that is already present to face life’s challenges as opportunities for development and transformation. You can’t help but leave any of her classes amazingly uplifted!



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