Tal Biram

My name is Tal Biram, and I am 29 years old. I am a seasoned Pilates instructor with seven years’ experience and three years as a yoga teacher. In addition to yoga and Pilates classes, I participate in many other movement-related courses.
I am currently a 4th year student of osteopathy at the Broshim campus in Tel Aviv while at the same time, I treat and teach private lessons in my home clinic in Givatayim. Additionally, I teach group yoga classes at the Prana Yoga studio as well as anatomy in a yoga teachers training program.
I live and breathe the field of movement, the human body, and therapy. With a holistic outlook on life, I strive to integrate content acquired across various disciplines over the years into my classes so my students experience self-listening, presence, learning, and flowing movement.
It is my strong belief that yoga and movement are a way of life and a journey that never ends; they are simple and authentic tools to help us balance the dynamic between body and mind leading to the goal of discovering ourselves. I am grateful for the privilege of giving people the gift of connecting with and listening to their bodies through every class and treatment.