Melissa Ghatas & Dela Catudal

Melissa Ghatas

Inspiration comes from experiencing freedom, joy and acceptance. Understanding that through aligning oneself with their dharma (purpose), one is a free spirit.
Through breath and love I have come to understand my innate purity, penetrating an inner awakening to spirit and discovering my own mantra ‘Trust in Spirit’.

In moments of deepest confusion, despair and doubt I felt I have been guided by a force that cannot be seen or heard, but that I can only sense. Not always in tune with my own rhythm or aware of the external pulse that guides my path, I found this energy was returning and presenting itself in a state of clearer resonance. In nurturing my body, my mind and my spirit, I realized I was shedding my outer layers and discovering my inner beauty; my spiritual intent. The more self-enquiry meditation I practice, the more self-assured I am and the clearer my journey on this path of yoga becomes.

It’s through this freedom of movement that I have found my way to express myself and discover a new wave of inner awakening.

Dela Catudal

is a Consciousness Evolution Teacher committed her life to the evolution and development of humanity.

Over the past 15 plus years, she has facilitated the awakening and transformation of the lives of thousands of human beings across the planet.

Her experiential path, combining years of global travel and living in different countries like the Azores – Portugal, Thailand, Bali, Australia, Dubai – UAE, Canada, The Maldives and all-around Europe. Dela is always driven by continued self-studies, a deep love of humanity and all living beings on planet earth Gaia. Her main focus always leads to raising the frequency of humanity to the next level of existence by opening the gates for every individual to the evolution of the true Self to be the effectual impact on the collective.

“You recognize that you are the Effect in the Collective, when you become Aware that you are the Cause as well”.

Her constant deepening of her own personal embodiment of evolutionary methods, have manifested into the creation of BREATHOLUTION – You Are The Answer, where she guides human beings from separation to unity Consciousness.

“Heal, Integrate and Purify the 3DMatrix within you – you Master Love and Unification of the Self, the Gateway to the 4 th and 5 th Dimension – Love is the key and the path – the Light and the Wisdom will follow”.

Her ground-breaking methodologies in combination of Breathwork and her multidimensional teachings have made her globally well-known and recognised for her life transformation ceremonies and group gatherings.

She works with everyone from Professional Athletic Teams, top CEOs to Government Officials, Celebrities, Moms & Dad and everyone in between who is ready to shift past memories into wisdom. Dela’s Mission by offering her services to humanity is to bring back into Conscious Awareness what WE ALL in truth are in essence – One Unified Collective of Human Beings.

“Recognizing the light and the shadows within you, is the first step of self-realisation and to come back home to yourself, this is why you are here – to recognise who you truly are and to realise that you are a Divine Conscious Creator. But you need to experiencing and therefore to know who you are not to understand and to step into who you truly are in essence”.

Dear Sister, Dear Brother, Thank You for being the Shift you so wish and seek to see in the World.

Let Self-Love guide You,