Jes Allen

My name is Jessica Allen. I live a life of practice. I am by nature a seeker, a nurturer and a leader. I lead in the way that I have always been lead by the divine will of my heart. I entered into the practices of yoga to deepen my relationship with the mysteries of the unseen and to find a doubtless trust in the course that is my life. My heart and spirit are my true guides, all things external are my mirrors.

Life is an oracle when we really understand how to listen. Growing up I spent a lot of time with the waters and trees. I felt the presence of being held and conversed naturally with our great Mother Earth. I am both a deeply sensual being of this planet and a being of spirit beyond matter. My connection to spirit runs deep. I have never been confused about who I am.

My practices extend far beyond the physical. Over the course of my life I’ve collected a powerful tool belt of pathways to the divine. I allow my path to effortlessly unfold while filling my days with ever deepening practices which I pour over as the service of my life.

As a teacher and a space holder I pour over my experiences, wisdom and love. No one heals themselves but themselves. My mission is to create a loving, intelligent, safe container for healing. A space to know yourself and be in relationship with the path of your life. The practices are merely arrows to our divine nature and through our own connection with that spirit our truths are unveiled before us.

I am a teacher and creator because I was called to it. I live my life as an offering to the divine will that informs my days. My guidance and offerings should lead you into your own truth to do the same.

I am grateful to be in service.