In my journey to discover myself, I’ve found that yoga is the perfect tool. It’s a practice that can help us all find our personal power, and it’s something I’m so grateful for having discovered. Yoga has helped me to open up my mind, body and soul to new experiences. It’s taught me breathing techniques and chanting that help me stay calm in any situation, and asana practice that helps me feel strong and confident.

When I discovered yoga, it was like discovering a whole new world. There is something magical about the way you can connect with yourself and others through the practice of yoga. It’s so much more than just moving your body, it’s about learning how to tune into your body’s needs, and then responding to them in an empowering way.

I am constantly striving to help others discover their own personal power through the practice of yoga. I want to encourage everyone who practices it or wants to try it out – especially those who are just starting out – by helping them find their own path with a supportive community around them.