Abbey Morris

Hi, I’m Abbey:
I believe that yoga is a homecoming to the truest most authentic version of myself.

I fell in love with the practice of yoga while embarking on my own personal healing journey from a severe eating disorder. I experienced a complete shift in the perception I had of myself and the world through the development of my own inner awareness. Practicing and living my yoga completely changed my life.

It became my mission to share this ancient wisdom with others who have a desire to come home to their authentic selves, find healing, self-compassion and inner peace. Following the path of yoga introduced me to the power of meditation, sound healing and ayurveda, immersing me further into the healing of mind, body and spirit, and the potential to help others heal too.

I am here to guide you on a journey of seeing that you have the power to shift your state of being, and to heal, with the tools that exist within you already.

My love for the practice and teachings of yoga has led me to acquire a diverse portfolio of training and qualifications that help me provide the holistic healing experiences I now offer at the Yoga by Abbey studio, through local and international retreats and through private bookings & events!

You will see as you browse through my offerings that I love to collaborate with other teachers and healers to offer unique holistic opportunities to rejuvenate, self discover and connect. We believe in the healing power of community.

My Qualifications:

-ERYT 500hr with Yoga Alliance (Soma Yoga Institute, Svadyaya Yoga School)

-Certified Meditation Instructor (Hoame Meditation Studio)

-Certificate in the Foundations of Mindfulness (McMaster University)

-Certified Sound Healer (GLOW School of Sound Healing)

-Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist (Swastha Yoga International)

-Yin Yoga (Soulfire Yoga)

-Yoga For Aging Populations (Cheryl Gordon)

-Yoga for Eating Disorders (Yoga for Eating Disorders)