“Tap into the source of your Inner Strength” by Anna Zorzou and Sasy Chasomeri

“Tap into the source of your Inner Strength” by Anna Zorzou and Sasy Chasomeri

An Empowering Retreat for Women of yoga, meditation, rejuvenation, NLP, and self-study. Enjoy the rich Greek lifestyle of sun, sand, just steps away from the beautiful Aegean sea.

An Empowering Retreat for Women that Anna and Sasy have created and invite you to join them for this week long retreat of yoga, meditation, rejuvenation, NLP, and self-study while also having the time to enjoy the rich Greek lifestyle of sun, sand, organic farm to table meals, and connecting with other like-minded, strong women, just steps away from the beautiful Aegean sea.

On this retreat we use the ancient practice of yoga and meditation, infused with NLP techniques to explore your full potential and discover new tools that will assist you to break old habits and create new pathways that will reveal your inner wisdom and power.

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a set of skills that enhance the most important type of communication, one that mindfully comes from the inside. NLP coaching methods assist you to reach your highest potential and improve your communication skills.

Using the traditional practices of yoga and meditation and incorporate NLP techniques /models that provide valuable tools and support in the area of personal development, which organically leads to courage, strength and effective dialogue when interacting with others.


8 – 10   Yoga/ Meditation/ Pranayama practice

10 -11:30    Brunch

11:30  Free time

17 :30 – 19:30    NLP and/or yin yoga, guided meditation, dharma talk

19:30   Dinner


Accommodation + yoga classes+ meals per person
1,450 €   (single room)

Accommodation + yoga classes + meals per person
1,310 €    (double room)

* Early Bird 10% discount


You will be nourished by the food grown in Okreblue’s own organic gardens. Our chef offers daily organic, Indian/Mediterranean infused farm to table vegetarian meals from our garden and from local farmers. All of our meals are served in our cafe/ dining hall Caretta. Caretta has a large, outdoor, community/gathering area that overlooks the sea for dining, journaling, or just resting in the comfort of the ocean breeze. Caretta is open throughout the day offering a menu with smoothies, coffees, salads, and Greek meze.


Contact reservations@okreblue.com


Anna Zorzou & Sasy Chasomeri

If you are feeling overwhelmed with managing time, expectations, commitments, and everyday challenges… congratulations, you have a life!

Our approach to yoga seeks to provide you with an opportunity for relief and pause from stress and tension. It is a precious time for self-care and development.

Through yoga, We will help you learn how to tune in the present moment, live in it, fully and gracefully!

This is how it works:

– We start from observing your body and discovering your unique structure.

– We align your body into different shapes/postures (asanas). Gradually, you develop strength and flexibility, while realizing and accepting areas in your body that may be tight, weak or uneducated.

– By connecting your breath with your movement, you learn about synchronicity and flow in relation to yourself and the world around you.

You will learn to welcome change as an opportunity to grow and manifest the life you want to live. Tuning inward.  You will develop the habit of centering your mind and your thoughts to bring balance to your life.

Yoga as a holistic science that has given us the space to discover more about ourselves and realize what works for us. We have always preferred the hands on approach to learning and use yoga and its techniques to help us progress.

We have realized that life and yoga share the same playground, an unfolding process that if taken step by step becomes manageable.

We would love the opportunity to teach you how to apply this method to your own body and mind.


We are here to help you decide which retreat option is best suited to you. Please contact us to book, or to have your questions answered.