Feminine Wholeness Retreat – Embody Your Feminine Essence

Feminine Wholeness Retreat – Embody Your Feminine Essence

Immerse yourself in a journey of connecting with your feminine essence, healing your relationship with femininity, and strengthening bonds with other women. Share this transformative experience with a cherished woman in your life and watch as your hearts grow together.

Immerse yourself in a journey of connecting with your feminine essence, healing your relationship with femininity, and strengthening bonds with other women. Share this transformative experience with a cherished woman in your life and watch as your hearts grow together.

Embark on a soul-nurturing adventure with our intimate 7-day retreat, designed for a circle of 16 women eager to rediscover their authentic selves and to embrace all aspects of their femininity. Ideal for pairs like mother-daughter, aunt-niece, best friends, and more, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to strengthen these special bonds. We will immerse in a transformative journey featuring daily Yin Yoga and captivating workshops infused with the wisdom of the Greek Goddess Archetypes, Authentic Movement and Healing Arts. In this healing space, enhance your connection to your body, your essence, and yourself as a woman, while deepening relationships with other inspiring women.

Why Choose Our Feminine Wholeness Retreat?

This intimate gathering is your sanctuary to:

Connect with Your Body & Intuition
Discover, Explore & Express Your Authentic Self
Heal Your Relationship with Your Femininity & Body
Experience a Loving & Supportive Sisterhood
Strengthen Bonds with a Cherished Woman
Embrace Your Wholeness & Female Identity
Deepen Your Love for Your Multifaceted Self
Welcome Inner Beauty, Joy & Wisdom
Enjoy Life to the Fullest!

Why the Greek Goddess Archetypes?

The Greek Goddesses Archetypes represent all aspects of the female psyche, both the light and the shadow. Each one can mirror different facets of ourselves, and may come to light at different stages of our lives. Throughout our retreat, we will connect daily with two of seven Greek Goddess Archetypes: Hestia, Artemis, Athena, Hera, Demeter, Persephone, and Aphrodite.

These archetypes serve as spiritual guides, aiding us in defining ourselves, our paths, and our roles within our communities. Through interactive workshops, Authentic Movement and Healing Arts, we’ll explore these timeless figures, uncovering intimate truths about ourselves, key to achieving self-knowledge and wholeness.

Why Authentic Movement & Healing Arts?

In our retreat, Authentic Movement and Healing Arts are integral to our explorations, resonating deeply with the feminine essence. These practices invite a journey into receptivity and openness, creating a sanctuary where creativity flourishes. Authentic Movement is a practice that nurtures an internal space of listening, letting the body’s wisdom guide the expression. Similarly, Healing Arts provide a canvas for unbridled creativity, where colors, shapes, images and textures become languages through which inner landscapes are revealed and explored.

These endeavors are not about creating art; they are about creating space to listen to and honor our inner wisdom. Together, these modalities offer a profound way to engage with our inner selves, celebrating the fluidity, strength, and dynamism of our feminine spirit.


Daily Flow:

1. Reground:

Every morning we start our day with a yin yoga practice to reground into our essence. After the workshops there is plenty of free time to enjoy the beach, get to know the island of Paros, or relax by receiving a massage.

2. Reveal

Every day we have two workshops, each one dedicated to one of the Greek Goddesses. We use embodied explorations and Authentic Movement, creating a safe, non-judgemental space where you are free to move and listen to your body’s wisdom. This way you open yourself to receive the insights and understandings that each archetype reveals for your healing and growth.

3. Replenish

What makes our Retreat home, Okreblue Seaside Yoga Retreat Center, even more special, are the organic home grown vegetables that are used for the delicious meals at Caretta restaurant-lounge (Okreblue’s restaurant). Light breakfast, brunch and dinner are included in your stay.

4. Re-Emerge

Our last day is dedicated to revisiting and integrating all moments of our journey together.

Sample Day Itinerary:

8:00 am ~ Yin Yoga (optional)
9:00 am ~ Workshop: The Artemis Archetype
11:30 pm ~ Organic Vegetarian Brunch
12:30 pm ~ Greek siesta ~ self-exploration
3:00 pm ~ Workshop: The Athena Archetype
5:30 pm ~ Free time to relax or explore the island
6:30pm ~ Dinner


Double Occupancy Single Beds: $1500
Single Occupancy Double Bed: $2000
Bliss Together – Price for Two: $3200


Join us on this empowering journey of self-discovery, growth, and sisterhood.
Your feminine wholeness awaits!

For Bookings & Information visit: https://www.authenticmovementsf.com/feminine-wholeness-retreat-2024


Maria Letzou

Maria Lentzou, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, brings a rich tapestry of cultural insights to her work, drawing from her Greek heritage and experiences living in Latin America and the United States. An accomplished author, speaker, artist, and specialist in Authentic Movement, Nutritional Therapy, and Healing Arts, Maria leads the Feminine Wholeness Retreat, empowering women in transformative self-discovery.

Her personal journey, overcoming low self-esteem, body hatred, depression, and bulimia, to finding a deep love for herself, shapes her empathetic approach. Maria’s bilingual kit “MarlaGran” reflects her commitment to fostering creativity and social-emotional growth across cultures and ages. She believes in the transformative power of self-love and understanding — if she could do it, she knows you can too. Now is the time for your own transformation!


We are here to help you decide which retreat option is best suited to you. Please contact us to book, or to have your questions answered.