5-day “In the light of love” retreat with Daniëlle van’t Schip

5-day “In the light of love” retreat with Daniëlle van’t Schip

5 days of rediscovering who we really are; loving Light beings having a human experience.

Hatha Yoga, Mantra Meditation & Soulfood
With a lot of gratitude in my heart for the Yoga Practice, I am organizing this retreat; a space to receive the wonderful gifts that are waiting for us. I share authentic ancient tools that I have gathered on my own spiritual life path of the past 30 years. In our togetherness, we will practice yoga asanas ( poses) and mantra meditation as ways of being and connecting to our inner wisdom, rather than forms to achieve. From this inner knowing, we can live in the world with more passion, direction, and compassion. So it doesn’t matter what it looks or sounds like it matters what it feels like. Feel welcome to be. Where love whispers in your heart.
We are all joyful light beings having a human experience. Let’s enjoy the journey of life in the best way we can.

One-on-one healing-of-the-heart session
Sitting comfortably opposite Daniëlle, she will tap into the Universal Oneness, to travel with you in your world. Daniëlle will guide you to clear your own inner blockages to allow the energy to flow more freely. This gives you a clear mirror of your true self. And makes it possible for you to get in touch with your own deep longings. So you may feel the peace you are and are able to reclaim this connection with yourself and continue lives journey with joy in your heart.


We start in the afternoon of June 4 with a welcoming ceremony followed by dinner. The retreat ends on June 8 after our morning practice, brunch, corona-proof hugs and farewells.

On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of the retreat we meet in the morning with Yoga Asanas & Mantra Meditation. The Yoga Asanas (physical postures) are helpful for grounding ourselves so we can all feel at home inside our own bodies, within a space of love. The sequences in the morning are more Yang (dynamic) orientated and in the afternoon, they are more Yin (relaxing) oriented. Practicing Yoga Asanas can let prana (life force) flow more freely, reduce anxiety and stress, invite natural breathing, clarity of mind, improve circulation and flexibility and so much more.

The mantras that we chant are in Sanskrit – a sacred language of ancient India. In Sanskrit, ‘man’ means ‘mind’ and ‘tra’ means ‘to free from’, so ‘mantra’ is literally a tool to free the mind. For Mantra Meditation you don’t need to have a beautiful singing voice. All unique voices are equally beautiful and if it gives you more joy to just listen in silence that’s also good.

The mornings are followed by a vegetarian brunch and the afternoons are kept free for you to explore whatever gives you joy. We meet again in the late afternoons for more practice and our evening vegetarian dinner.

The rules of this retreat are that there are no rules but only for you to feel joy in your heart.


690€ per person in single room
590€ per person in double room
570€ per person in triple room

Travel + transfers, excursions and massages are not included in this price.
The number of places is limited!


4 nights of accommodation in a double / single / triple room with en-suite bathroom.
4 organic locally sourced vegetarian brunches.
4 organic locally sourced vegetarian dinners.
Opening night ceremony.
Daily morning practice.
Daily afternoon practice.
One-on-one healing of the heart session (if it brings you joy).


For more information and registration please visit our website www.daniellevantschip.com/retreats and/or contact us at info@elenimeraki.com.


Daniëlle Van’t Schip

As a baby girl born in Amsterdam on February 11, 1968. Her mother and grandfather being famous Dutch singers and her dad a guitarist; music was her first love. When she was born the Dutch newspapers announced her birth with the headline “When will Daniëlle record her first single?” She was a happy quiet girl who did not use her voice for singing but for talking with the animals, nature and other children instead. Dancing was her way of feeling deep joy inside herself.

Early in life, in her teenage years, she met the love of her life, John. Together with him they lived all around the world and built a family. She calls her children, Davey and Estelle, her most important Gurus in life. During her pregnancies she got introduced to Yoga and with conscious breathing practices her childbirths became the most extraordinary experiences of her life. And with that her purpose for being on earth was clear; motherhood. When her children didn’t need her 24/7 any longer, she started her search on the spiritual path which peaked in April 2005 when she had an experience of oneness. She is thankful to all of her spiritual teachers along the path that helped her reach this state. Many of them are mentioned in the two books she wrote but the three most important ones being; Berna Ooms, Katiza Satya and Bob Adamson.

Dancing in Heaven.
Dutch housewife Berna Ooms with a direct communication channel with the Universe, taught her about energy healing, herbs, positive affirmations, praying, tarot cards and aura reading. She also introduced Daniëlle to Yoga.

Dancing on Earth.
Yoga teacher Katiza Satya taught her the Yoga practices, the Yogini lifestyle and certified her to teach Hatha Yoga. But above all, Katiza is the person that made her fall in love with Yoga and sparked her exploration journey to different yoga styles; e.g. Ashtanga, Karma, Bhakti, Raja, Jnana, Nidra and Kundalini. She started teaching in 2004 in her Dutch home garden studio and created her own form of yoga combining different styles and calling it “Heart Flow Yoga”.

Connecting the Dances of Heaven and Earth.
Sailor Bob Adamson, a Non-Duality teacher gave her Shaktipat: a transforming, healing light of the Universe which flows through the teacher to the student. Bob confirmed the connection of heaven and earth for her, the oneness of all, and that forever is always NOW.

Daniëlle resides since September 2019 in Greece and feels blessed to live in this authentic beautiful country of light and share all of her tools with you in this retreat.

Healing of the Heart, 2014.
Yoga teacher since 2004.
Holistic massage therapist,1999.
Reiki 1, 1998.

Mantra Meditation Album “Heart Flow” recorded in 2014.
Author of “ The Big Truth “ (Dutch – 2015) and “ In the light of love ” (Dutch – coming in 2021).


We are here to help you decide which retreat option is best suited to you. Please contact us to book, or to have your questions answered.